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The world of work is now fast-paced, digitised and interdependent.  Regardless of your job or industry, chances you are trying to do more with less, please more demanding customers, solve complex issues and stay relevant in a shifting marketplace.  Whatever is happening in your job, it’s likely that you are balancing these demands with a home life full of the usual ‘busyness’ and curved balls. 

How do you meet these life challenges?

How do you adapt and perform while still staying physically and mentally well?

One of the responses frequently offered is ‘build your resilience’.  But what is resilience and how is it relevant to you?  Resilience is the capacity to manage the everyday stresses while staying healthy, adapting and learning from setbacks and preparing for future challenges proactively.  Resilience has recently become a buzzword as organisations seek ways to support people to stay productive in workplaces that are turbulent, complex and pressurised.

Resilience is not a fixed trait but a state that is dynamic and can change.  This means it is not an attribute we can claim, or say we lack, but a state that we strive to maintain or build.  The evidence from neuroscience is that the adult brain is plastic and we can rewire it to cultivate resilience.  However, traditional therapeutic approaches to increase resilience often have limited appeal to the ‘working well’ and do not easily translate to workplace settings unless people are working in vocations with exposure to trauma, such as police or ambulance drivers. 

The Resilience at Work® ([email protected]) Toolkit was devised to address the gaps outlined above.  It blends what we know about thriving and occupational stress and provides a systemic framework that considers the complexity of resilience in the work context.  The aim of the Toolkit is to assist organisations to better communicate and foster the actions needed to build resilience within the workplace.  It comprises a set of three inter-related models and measures that explore what we need to do at a personal, team and leader level to build resilience at work.

Each of the [email protected]® models has an associated scale.  Measures are useful for evaluation, providing pre and post intervention  assessments.  They also provide a benchmark of the status quo, allowing assessment of development goals.  In an international review, the [email protected]® Scale was assessed as being one of two scales suitable for workplace interventions because of its contextual relevance.

The [email protected]® Toolkit is a complementary suite of measures that recognises the inter-relatedness of employee, leader and team
behaviour at work.  The [email protected]® Toolkit can help you to:

  • Adapt to frequent change and uncertainty
  • Stay productive, despite increasing demands to deliver more with less
  • Manage customer expectations that may exceed delivery capabilities
  • Maintain physical and emotional wellbeing despite job pressures

The [email protected]® scales are valuable for:

  • Building resilience in individuals and teams via coaching, workshops or professional development programs
  • Coaching and counselling when personal resilience has been challenged
  • Organisational interventions for sustainable performance and resilience
  • Research into employee performance and wellbeing

The Activ8 [email protected]® coaching program is underpinned by evidence-based accredited training and valided tools to support participants to create optimal performance through resilience.  If you would like to know how you can measure and build sustainable success at work, please get in touch so you can learn how to change your life forever, today...

Adapted from the White Paper "Resilience @ Work:  A Framework for Coaching and Interventions" by Kathryn McEwen

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